Topics in Stereochemistry
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Robert E. Gawley (Editor)

Jay S. Siegel (Series Editor)

Stereochemical Aspects of Organolithium Compounds: Topics in Stereochemistry, Volume 26




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ISBN-10: 3-906390-61-6
ISBN-13: 978-3-90639-061-1
305 pages
February 2010


This series deals with important issues in stereochemistry, which is the three-dimensional spatial orientation of molecules, also called the chirality (or handedness) of molecules. Topics in Stereochemistry, previously edited by "the father of stereochemistry" Ernest L. Eliel, is a longstanding, successful series covering the most important advances in the field. The much-anticipated Volume 26 on stereochemical aspects of organolithium compounds includes chapters on Asymmetric Deprotonations Using Chiral Lithium Amide Bases, Self-Regeneration of Stereocenters (SRS) via Stereolabile Axially Chiral Intermediates, and more.


Chapter 1 Asymmetric Deprotonations Using Chiral Lithium Amide Bases (Nigel S. Simpkins and Michael D. Weller).

Chapter 2 Self-Regeneration of Stereocenters (SRS) via Stereolabile Axially Chiral Intermediates: (Paul R. Carlier, Danny C. Hsu, and Stephanie Antolak Bryson).

Chapter 3 Overview of Carbanion Dynamics and Electrophilic Substitutions in Chiral Organolithium Compounds (Robert E. Gawley).

Chapter 4 Oxiranyllithiums as Chiral Synthons for Asymmetric Synthesis (Vito Capriati, Saverio Florio, Antonio Salomone).

Chapter 5 Test on the Configurational Stability/Lability of Organolithium Compounds (Reinhard W. Hoffmann).

Chapter 6 Mechanism and Stereochemical Features in Asymmetric Deprotonation Using RLi/(-)-Sparteine Bases (Jean-Claude Kizirian).

Chapter 7 Dynamic Resolutions of Chiral Organolithiums (Iain Coldham and Nadeem S. Sheikh).



Robert E. Gawley (Volume Editor) is Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He received his undergraduate degree (B.S.) from the Stetson University in 1970 and his graduate degree (Ph.D.) from the Duke University in 1975. After his stay as a research associate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he joined the faculty at the University of Miami. His research interests are in asymmetric synthesis using chiral organometallics, development of new synthetic methods, development of new sensors for marine toxins and other xenobiotics, as well as natural products isolation and structure elucidation. He has received the Provost's Award for Scholarly Activity and the Distinguished Alumnus Award. He is a Fogarty Senior International Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and Secretary of the chemistry section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Jay S. Siegel (Series Editor) is a professor at the Organic Chemistry Institute at the University of Zurich. He received his undergraduate degree from California State University and his MA and PhD from Princeton University. His research interests include molecular design, chemical synthesis, and structural analysis, the three principle components of modern stereochemistry.