Color Chemistry
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Heinrich Zollinger

Color Chemistry: Syntheses, Properties, and Applications of Organic Dyes and Pigments

3rd, Revised Edition




ISBN: 3-906390-23-3
647 pages
January 2004



This new edition of the classical text is thoroughly updated and rewritten, with special attention given to those topic areas that have experienced the most research activity and industrial development since publication of the second edition. An extensive new section devoted to synthetic polyenes developed during the last decade, including poly(p-phenylenevinylenes), that have shown promising electro-optical properties has also be added, while the chapter on aza[18]annulenes is expanded to include improved and sophisticated synthetic approaches to the phthalocyanines and porphyrins, as well as the application of these compounds in functional dyes and pigments. Research and development activities in the discovery of new dyes for coloration is described in the sections on dispersed, reactive, and sulfur dyes, as well as in new chapters covering carbonyl and the diketopyrrolo pyrrole (DPP) family of pigments. Additionally, this edition contains a first review of the limited number of published investigations of black colorants.
A significantly expanded successor to the highly successful second edition, destined to become a classical reference work for researchers in this exciting and important subdiscipline of chemistry.



  1. Introduction.

  2. Color of Organic Compounds.

  3. Polyene and Polymethine Dyes.

  4. Di- and Triarylmethine Dyes.

  5. Aza[18]annulenes.

  6. Nitro and Nitroso Dyes.

  7. Azo Dyes and Pigments.

  8. Carbonyl Dyes and Pigments.

  9. Sulfur Dyes.

  10. Fluorescent Brighteners.

  11. Application of Dyes.

  12. Application of Organic Pigments.

  13. Photo-, Thermo-, and Electrochemical Reactions of Colorants.

  14. Colorants for Imaging and Data-Recordings Systems.

  15. Dyes in Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine, and Analytical Chemistry.

  16. Analysis, Ecology, and Toxicology of Colorants.

  17. Index.


"Recommended as essential reading not only to color chemists in all stages of their careers, but to chemists unilaterally. They will find it interesting, informative, stimulating and very readable." Dyes and Pigments

"By confining the discussion to topics of current technical importance and using a mechanistic organic approach, an informative overall balance is achieved..." Chemistry in Britain

"This book will stand as the definitive treatment of the subject for years to come...Professor Zollingerīs important contribution to the scientific literature belongs in every serious collection." Textile Research Journal

"It would be difficult to find anything in the book that could be criticized from a scientific standpoint. It is valuable both for getting an overview of the field of color chemistry and as a mine of information for the dyestuffs chemist. Many scientists in other areas such as
biochemistry and medicine are increasingly concerned with the use of lightabsorbing systems in their research, and I recommend this book unreservedly to everyone interested in the subject. It belongs in every chemistry-orientated library, and also in the personal bookshelves of every chemist." Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2004, 43, 5291