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M. Volkan Kisakürek (Editor)

Hominatio: An International Tribute to Albert Eschenmoser






ISBN: 3-906390-27-6
982 pages
June 2001


The historical achievements in organic natural product synthesis can be recognized most clearly in the research accomplishments of Albert Eschenmoser. For example, his work on the chemical synthesis of vitamin B12 defined the frontier in organic natural product synthesis and profoundly influenced the science of organic chemistry. In addition to revealing the beautiful reaction pathways leading to compounds of great biochemical significance, Albert Eschenmoser has contributed innovative methods of outstanding utility for organic synthesis. Few individuals have so fundamentally influenced the science of organic chemistry as Albert Eschenmoser has.
Over the years, a sizable fraction of Albert Eschenmoser's work has been published in Helvetica Chimica Acta, hence the decision of the Editor to produce a special issue of the journal on the occasion of Albert Eschenmoser's 75th birthday, celebrated on August 5, 2000. The highly impressive set of 67 original research papers submitted in response to the Editor's invitation could not, for obvious technical reasons, be accommodated in a single issue and were thus divided over the August and September issues. The international reaction to this tribute has been so overwhelmingly enthusiastic that the two issues have been combined in this single volume for separate publication.


  1. Albert Eschenmoser (E. Sorensen).

  2. A Comparison of RNA with DNA in Template-Directed Synthesis (M. Zielinski, et al.).

  3. Development of Cytodifferentiating Agents for Cancer Chemotherapy (R. Breslow, et al.).

  4. The Syntheses of Pyrimido-pyridazinone and Pyrrolidino-pyrimidinone 2'-Decoxynucleoside Derivatives (D. Loakes, et al.).

  5. In Vitro Evolution of a Ribozyme that Contains 5-Bromouridine (X. Dai & G. Joyce).

  6. Molecular Switching: A Fully Reversible, Optically Active Photochemical Switch Based on a Tetraethynylethene-1.1'-Binaphthalene Hybrid System (L. Gobbi, et al.).

  7. Controlled Uptake and Release of Metal Cations by Vanadium Oxide Nanotubes (J. Reinoso, et al.).

  8. Applications of Aziridinium Ions: Selective Syntheses of Pyrazolidin-3-ones and Pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazoles (T.-H. Chuang & K. Sharpless).

  9. A Remarkable Photoreaction of 3-O-Benzylhypericin (T. Dax, et al.).

  10. Towards a New Synthetic Entry into the Iboga-Alkaloid Family (C. Frauenfelder & H. Borschberg).

  11. Artificial Photoaging of Triterpenes Studied by Graphite-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry (P. Dietemann, et al.).

  12. Structural Studies of Self-Folding Cavitands (A. Shivanyuk, et al.).

  13. Synthesis of Fluorobenzene and Benzimidazole Nucleic-Acid Analogues and Their Influence on Stability of RNA Duplexes (J. Parsch & J. Engels).

  14. Photochemical Ring Enlargement of Macrocyclic N-Phenyl Imides into Cyclophanes (J. Heerklotz, et al.).

  15. Non-Amide-Based Combinatorial Libraries Derived from N-Boc-Iminodiacetic Acid: Solution-Phase Synthesis of Piperazinone Libraries with Activity Against LEF-1/β-Catenin-Mediated Transcription (D. Boger, et al.).

  16. Kinetic Analysis of the Divergence of Reaction Pathways in the Chiral Lewis Base Promoted Aldol Additions of Trichlorosilyl Enol Ethers: A Rapid-Injection NMR Study (S. Denmark & S. Pham).

  17. Synthesis of Cytostatic Tetradecacyclic Pyrazines and a Novel Reduction-Oxidation Sequence for Spiroketal Opening in Sapogenins (S. Bäsler, <>).

  18. Synthesis of Conformationally Restricted Cyclic Hexadepsi-peptides via Direct Amide Cyclization (K. Koch & H. Heimgartner).

  19. A Catalytic and Streoselective Glycosylation with β-Glycosyl Fluorides (T. Mukaiyama, et al.).

  20. Electroweak Quantum Chemistry for Possible Precursor Molecules in the Evolution of Biomolecular Homochirality (R. Berger, et al.).

  21. Butyllithium Addition to a-Chiral Compounds: Solvent Mixture Effects on Diastereofacial Selectivity (G. Cainelli, et al.).

  22. Aromatic vs. Carbohydrate Residues in the Major Groove: Synthesis of 5-[(Benzyloxy)methyl]pyrimidine Nucleosides and Their Incorporation into Oligonucleotides (R. Berolini & J. Hunziker).

  23. Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Glycolipids Plakosides A, B and Their Analogs (K. Nicolaou & J. Zenke).

  24. Enantioselective Synthesis of ent-Stellettamide A: Asymmetric Dipolar Cycloadditions with Me3SiCHN2 (G. Whitlock & E. Carreira).

  25. Synthesis of 2'-Deoxyribonucleoside 5'-Phosphoramidites: New Building Blocks for the Inverse (5'-3')-Oligonucleotide Approach (T. Wagner & W. Pfleiderer).

  26. Stereochemistry of Formation of the β-Ring of Lycopene: Biosynthesis of (1R,1'R)-β,β-[16,16,16,16',16',16'-2H6]Carotene from [16,16,16,16',16',16'-2H6]Lycopene in Flavobacterium R 1560 (S. Mohanty, et al.).

  27. Intra- and Intramolecular H-Bonds of Alcohols in DMSO. 1H-NMR Analysis of Inter-Residue H-Bonds in Selected Oligosaccharides: Cellobiose, Lactose, N,N'-Diacetylchitobiose, Maltose, Sucrose, Agarose, and Hyaluronates (B. Bernet & A. Vasella).

  28. Oligosaccharide Analogues of Polysaccharides. Part 20. NMR Analysis of Templated Cellodextrins Possessing Two Parallel Chains: A Mimic for Cellulose I? (B. Bernet, et al.).

  29. Synthesis of β-Hexa- and β-Heptapeptides Containing Novel β23-Amino Acids with Two Serine or Two Cysteine Side Chains - CD - and NMR-Spectroscopic Evidence for 314-Helical Secondary Structures in Water (D. Seebach, et al.).

  30. NMR Solution Structure of Phospholamban (S. Lamberth, et al.).

  31. Molecular-Dynamics Studies of Single-Stranded Hexitol, Altritol, Mannitol, and Ribose Nucleic Acids (HNA, MNA, ANA, and RNA, Resp.) and of the Stability of HNA RNA, ANA RNA, and MNA RNA Duplexes (M. Froeyen, et al.).

  32. Catalysis of 3-Carboxy-1,2-benzisoxazole Decarboxylation by Hydrophobic Antibody Binding Pockets (K. Hotta, et al.).

  33. Fishing for Catalysts: Mechanism-Based Probes for Active Species in Solution (C. Adlhart & P. Chen).

  34. Molecular Recognition of DNA by Hoechst Benzimidazoles: Exploring Beyond the Pyrrole-Imidazole-Hydroxypyrrole Polyamide-Pairing Code (T. Minehan, et al.).

  35. Conformation-Family Monte Carlo (CFMC): An Efficient Computational Method for Identifying the Low-Energy States of a Macromolecule (J. Pillardy, et al.).

  36. Synthese von Sulfolenobilinen und deren Cyclisierung zu Chlorinatozink-Fulleren-Dyaden (O. Kutzki, et al.).

  37. Mimicking the Reaction of Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase by a Synthetic Model (M. Rettig, et al.).

  38. Application of the Novel Tandem Process Diels-Alder Reaction/Ireland-Claisen Rearrangement to the Synthesis of rac-Juvabione and rac-Epijuvabione (N. Soldermann, et al.).

  39. A New Orthogonal Suppressor tRNA/Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Pair for Evolving and Organism with an Expanded Genetic Code (M. Pastrnak, et al.).

  40. Pd-Catalyzed Allylic Substitution with Enantiomerically Pure Catalyst and Chiral Non-Racemic Substrates: A New Approach to Catalysts-Based Regiocontrol (O. Loiseleur, et al.).

  41. Coa-(1H-Imidazolyl)-Coβ-methylcob(III)amide: Model for Protein-Bound Corrinoid Cofactors (M. Fasching, et al.).

  42. Molecular Shape and Crystal Packing: a Study of C12H12 Isomers, Real and Imaginary (J. Dunitz, et al.).

  43. On RNA Triplet Interactions: NMR Study of the Short Intramolecular Duplex Formed by r[GCAm1G-p-O(CH2CH2O)6-p-UGCC] (M.-O. Ebert, et al.).

  44. On the Conformations of Halichlorine and the Pinnaic Acids: Nitrogen Inversion as a Possible Determinant of Biological Profile (D. Trauner, et al.).

  45. Using Crystal Optics to Demonstrate Single-Layer Localization of a Solid-State Chain Reaction (K. Pate & J. McBride).

  46. The Astounding Chemistry of a 2-Amino-1,2-dihydroiso-quinoline Derivative (T. Durst, et al.).

  47. Studies for a Variable Synthesis of Colchicinoids: Construction of Ring A on a Heptalene Moiety (M. Meyer, et al.).

  48. Concentration of Simple Aldehydes by Sulfite-Containing Double-Layer Hydroxide Minerals: Implications for Biopoesis (S. Pitsch, et al.).

  49. Reactions of Peroxynitrite with Phenolic and Carbonyl Compounds: Flavonoids are not Scavengers of Peroxynitrite (S. Tibi & W. Koppenol).

  50. Catalytic Enantioselective Chlorination and Bromination of β-Keto Esters (L. Hintermann & A. Togni).

  51. Asymmetric Synthesis of Planar Chiral (Arene)tricarbonyl-chromium Complexes via Enantioselective Deprotonation by Conformationally Constrained Chiral Lithium-Amide Bases (S. Pache, et al.).

  52. Synthesis and Properties of Flavin Ribofuranosides and Flavin Ribopyranosides (A. Schwögler, et al.).

  53. Synthesis and Fluorescence Properties of Novel Transmembrane Probes and Determination of Their Orientation within Vesicles (E. Quesada, et al.).

  54. Novel Fluoride-Labile Nucleobase-Protecting Groups for the Synthesis of 3'(2')-O-Aminoacylated RNA Sequences (A. Stutz, et al.).

  55. On the Early Steps of Cineol Biosynthesis in Eucalyptus globulus (C. Reider, et al.).

  56. Synthesis and Pairing Properties of Oligodeoxynucleotides Containing N7-(Purin-2-amine Deoxynucleosides) (S. Parel & C. Leumann).

  57. 2'-Deoxyuridine and 2'-Deoxysiocytidine as Constituents of DNA with Parallel Chain Orientation: The Stabilization of the iCd Gd Base Pair by the 5-Methyl Group (F. Seela & Y. He).

  58. Substitution of Adenine by Purine-2,6-diamine Improves the Nonenzymatic Oligomerization of Ribonucleotides on Templates Containing Thymidine (C. Hartel & M. Göbel).

  59. Stereochemistry of the Methyl Group in (R)-3-Methylitaconate Derived by Rearrangement of 2-Methylideneglutarate Catalysed by a Coenzyme B12-Dependent Mutase (D. Ciceri, et al.).

  60. Toward Creation of a Universal NMR Database for Stereochemical Assignment: The Case of 1,3,5-Trisubstituted Acyclic Systems (Y. Kobayashi, et al.).

  61. Solid-Phase Synthesis Using (Allyloxy)carbonyl(Alloc) Chemistry of a Putative Heptapeptide Intermediate in Vancomycin Biosynthesis Containing m-Chloro-3-hydroxytyrosine (E. Freund, et al.).

  62. Specific Purine-Purine Base Pairing in Linear Alanyl-Peptide Nucleic Acids (M. Hoffmann, et al.).

  63. Synthesis of Macrocyclic Insect-Derived Alkaloids (J. Farmer, et al.).

  64. The Chemistry of Vicinal Tricarbonyls: Total Syntheses of Elastase Inhibitors YM-47141 and YM-47142 (H. Wasserman, et al.).

  65. Synthesis of a Photoaffinity-Labeled (11Z)-Retinal: Identification of Retinal/Rhodopsin Cross-Linked Sites along the Visual-Transduction Path (M. Souto, et al.).

  66. Novel Regio- and Stereoselective Cascade 6-endo-trig Cyclisations from Polyene Acyl Radical Intermediates Leading to Steroid-Like Pentacycles and Heptacycles (S. Handa, et al.).

  67. Synthesis and Properties of 2,3-Dihydro-1H-corannuleno[2,3-cd]pyridine (=2,3-Dihydro-1H-dibenzo[1,10:6,7]-fluorantheno[3,4-cd]pyridine) Derivatives: Heterocyclic peri-Anellated Corannulenes (R. Steffens, et al.).