Modern Synthetic Methods 1995
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Beat Ernst, Christian Leumann (Eds.)

Modern Synthetic Methods 1995







ISBN: 3-906390-12-8
453 pages
December 1996


Modern Synthetic Methods 1995 Reactions in Solutions and at Surfaces Contributors: Dieter Seebach, Hans Ulrich Blaser, Donald Hilvert. Assembly of Biopolymers Contributors: Ole Hindsgaul, Christian Leumann, Isabel Roditi. Keeping up with new developments in synthetic chemistry is a difficult task. This volume covers the conference proceedings of the 7th International Seminar on Modern Synthetic Methods, Interlaken. The widely appreciated Seminar Series was initiated to provide an opportunity for chemists to gather, and hear up-to-date lectures on leading topics in organic and bioorganic chemistry. The collection of the six contributions, written by authors, each a leading expert in his field, gives an overview on the state of the art, trends, and new accomplishments in solvent effects on chemical transformations, in reactions on surfaces, in the synthesis of oligosaccharides and nucleic-acid analogues, and in antibody catalysis. According to the philosophy of the Modern Synthetic Methods Seminars, the contributions are practice-oriented, combining basic concepts with experimental procedures and up-to-date references. This volume is an invaluable companion to both the active research chemists and the advanced students, fascinated by the world of biologically important compounds and by the creativity in synthetic techniques directed towards their preparation.



  1. Some Effects of Lithium Salts, of Strong Bases, and the Cosolvent DMPU in Peptide Chemistry, and Elsewhere.

  2. Reactions at Surfaces: Opportunities and Pitfalls for the Organic Chemist.

  3. The Biology of the Trypanosome Cell Surface.

  4. Glycosylation Methods in Oligosaccharide Synthesis.

  5. Nucleic Acid Analogues: Synthesis and Properties.

  6. Controlling Chemical Reactivity and Selectivity with Catalytic Antibodies.