Organic Chemistry: Its Language and Its ...
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M. Volkan Kisakürek

Organic Chemistry: Its Language and Its State of the Art






ISBN 3-906390-03-9
196 pages


This volume is a collection of the invited lectures given at the 1992 Commemorative Symposium on Centennial Anniversary of the ‘Geneva Conference’, the first International Conference on Organic Chemical Nomenclature.

Needless to say, the rapid and exciting developments and the almost overwhelming wealth of publications in the field of organic chemistry have not been always accompanied by the creation and/or evolution of an appropiate language.

The present book, therefore, focuses on the interconnections among the state of the art of chemical research and communications of it and attempts again to associate the names of eminent chemists with the evergrowing concerns for current nomenclature, addressing a wide audience of scientists interested both in chemistry and its ‘language’.


Marjorie C. Caserio
Jack D. Dunitz
Patton M. Giles
Edward W. Godly
Paul A. Grieco
Louis S. Hegedus
M. Volkan Kisakürek
Jean-Marie Lehn
Kurt L. Loening
Wolfgang Oppolzer
Leo A. Paquette
Vladimir Prelog
Jack H. Stocker
James G. Traynham