Reflections on Symmetry
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Edgar Heilbronner, Jack D. Dunitz

Reflections on Symmetry: In Chemistry ... and Elsewhere.







ISBN: 3-527-28488-5
155 pages
December 1996


What, another book on symmetry! Are there not enough already? Yes, but this book differs from the others. It is neither a textbook loaded with mathematical jargon nor a birds-eye view of the various aspects of symmetry that can be found in art, science, and everyday life. Not too serious, not entirely frivolous, it is something in between. This may bring its own dangers, and the authors are well aware how difficult it is to steer a secure course between the Scylla of irresponsible superficiality and the Charybdis of unintelligible jargon. A special feature of the book are the illustrations, many of historical interest, taken from early sources, and others prepared specifically to clarify and illuminate the text.