Scent of the Vanishing Flora
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Roman Kaiser

Scent of the Vanishing Flora







ISBN 13: 978-3-906390-64-2
ISBN 10: 3-906390-64-0
400 pages
November 2010
EUR 132.00
published jointly by Verlag Helvetica Chimica Acta and Wiley-VCH

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Inspired by Dougal Stermer’s book ‘Vanishing Flora’, Roman Kaiser worked for more than ten years on collecting the scent of 267 endangered plant species worldwide. In the present volume, he invites us to a journey along the hotspots of biodiversity, all of them bearing endangered species, and discusses their scents. This compilation renders the book an important contribution to the UN International Year of Biodiversity.


1.          Introduction to the ‘Scent of the Vanishing Flora’
1.1.       Extinction of Species and Monitoring Endangered Species
1.2.       Investigating the Scent of the Vanishing Flora
2.          Illustrating the Scent of the Vanishing Flora
2.1.       No More Existing in Nature
2.2.       Ten Icon Species of the Vanishing Flora
2.3.       The Scent of ‘Living Fossils’
2.4.       A Brief Look into Rainforests and Associated Biotopes
2.5.       Hawaii’s Vanishing Flora
2.6.       The Cape Floral Kingdom, a Closer Look at One of the Hotspots of Biodiversity
2.7.       Endangered Conifers
2.8.       Endangered Cacti
2.9.       Endangered Species of My Home Country
2.10.     Some Additional Protected and Endangered Species
3.          The Icon Family of the Vanishing Flora: Orchidaceae
3.1.       Orchids of the American Tropic
3.2.       Orchids of the African Tropic
3.3.       Orchids of the Indo-Australian Tropics and Subtropics
4.          Analytics
4.1.       General Remarks
4.2.       Equipment Used
4.3.       Compositions of the Presented Scents
4.4.       Synthesis of New Compounds