X-Ray Analysis and the Structure of Organic Molecules
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Jack D. Dunitz

X-Ray Analysis and the Structure of Organic Molecules


2nd Edition




ISBN: 3-906390-14-4
514 pages
December 1996


Jack D. Dunitz X-Ray Analysis and the Structure of Organic Molecules From the Reviews of the First Edition ‘The book may be recommended most heartily to anyone who would like to know how molecular structures are determined and what can be deduced from them apart from their topology. The author is evidently a great admirer of the method and its results. The reviewer would agree that ‘cooking’ is not the only way to bring chemically relevant knowledge to light.’ (Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.)

‘All the information in this text is of considerable value especially to those engaged in, or about to embark upon, X-ray crystal structure analysis but even more so, perhaps, to the non-specialist who may now proceed profitably and discriminately to read the explosively growing crystallographic literature. The author has certainly succeeded in taking us not only on a guided tour, but at the same time has provided rather more of the kind of detail one expects in the best guidebooks.’ (Int. Rev. Phys. Chem. )

‘All crystallographers, whatever their special structural interests, should get a copy and keep it by them, and many research supervisors will be very happy to entrust their research students to such a sound and stimulating guide.’ (Chem. in Britain)


  1. Crystal Structure Analysis: Diffraction of X-Rays by Crystals.

  2. Internal Symmetry of Crystals.

  3. Methods of Crystal Structure Analysis.

  4. Methods of Crystal Structure Refinement.

  5. Treatment of the Results.

  6. Experimental Aspects of X-Ray Analysis.

  7. Molecular Structure: Crystal Structure Analysis and Chemistry.

  8. Electron-Density Distributions in Molecules.

  9. Geometric Constraints in Cyclic Molecules.

  10. Conformational Maps and Space Groups.